C-Section Rates: Do Nurses Play a Role?

C-section rates are the topic of many conversations. In the United States, roughly one third of all deliveries are operative (C-section).The rates are reported and publicly available. Pregnant women want to find a doctor with a low rate. Hospitals are trying to reduce their operative delivery rates. Insurance companies don’t want to pay out for the more expensive delivery method.  Why is the C-section rate so high, and who is responsible?CLICK TO TWEET

I recently saw a video by Dr. Neel Shah that made me question the role of the nurse and C-section rates. Dr Shah and his team of researchers are considering hospitals as a factor. Across the country, why does hospital A have a low C-section rate compared to hospital B, when high risk factors and other variables are removed? Watch this three minute video. It will get you thinking and asking questions about what we can do to lower C-section rates.

Watch the video and read more here.


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